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VELCRO® Brand - EN71 Certified - Circles
VELCRO® Brand - EN71 Certified - Circles
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VELCRO® Brand - EN71 Certified - Circles

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Our EN71 tested VELCRO®Brand is available pre cut in 16mm circles.

The VELCRO®Brand we have selected isn't commonly available yet in the UK but seems perfect for our needs and is super soft so perfect for around babies and small children. We have pre cut  circles (16mm). The loop side is like a velvet velour feel, the other hook side although plastic like is still not as harsh as normal VELCRO® Brand hook and loops. Soft, machine washable, goes in the tumble dryer too and even better it sews on a dream as it doesn't snag like normal VELCRO® Brand.

If you make to sell the VELCRO® brand certificate (EN71-3:2019) is also available to purchase separately.