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Poly Pellets
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Poly Pellets

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These HDPE small white pellets are ideal for adding weight and texture to soft toys, add for weight in weighted blankets and can be used in ‘I Spy Bags’ and for making beanbags.

They have rounded edges so that they won’t damage the outer layer that is keeping them securely in place. They are approximately 4mm in diameter.

There is no requirement to test these items for EN71 compliance, as they are an internal component.

We do recommend that they be encased in a fabric pouch to give extra protection. Keep all loose pellets out of the reach of little ones, as they are not a toy but a craft supply product.

The large quantities; 500grams, 1Kilogram and 1.5Kilograms will all be packaged in 500 gram bags. The maximum amount that can be sent through Royal Mail is 1.5 Kilograms.

All destinations other than the UK will have an additional postal charge due to the higher cost to send this product on any more than a 200gram quantity.

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